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Our Most Versatile Mushroom

This meaty, umami rich mushroom possesses both an edible cap and stem, so there is little waste, if any. 

Good candidate for Pasta, Pizza, Soups, Stir-Fry, or paired with your choice of meat.

Pleurotus Ostreatus


This is the Oyster Mushroom Lover's Mushroom. This mushroom is chock full of Incredible flavor and meaty firmness. Great candidate for pasta, pizza and our favorite, mushroom bacon. 

Low Fat, no cholesterol, high in protein and fiber.
Contains many vitamins including Vitamin D, Niacin and Riboflavin.


Pleutorus djamor


Lion's Mane is a versatile flavor carrier that makes for an unparalleled meat substitute

-think crab cake or faux steak- 

and a wonderful addition to risotto and other pastas. This mushroom also boasts medicinal benefits for the nervous and immune systems. One of our favorites!

Hericium erinaceus


A light, fruity flavor with an almost citrus quality pairs up with a velvety, chewy texture to make for a delightfully versatile mushroom. 

Lower on the Umami scale than Pink Oysters and King Blue Oysters

Pleurotus citrinopileatus

Lions Mane.jpg


This mushroom is like the Portabella's nutty cousin. Our personal favorite. Edible cap AND stem that holds its texture when cooked. Think stir-fry, risotto, or paired with meat. This mushrooms is great for any dish, even if it's just sauteed on toast. 

Pholiota adiposa


Pleurotus ostreatus hybrid

A versatile mushroom that is a genetic hybrid of Elm Oyster and King Trumpet. Both cap and stem are edible and provide a meaty/firm texture that holds up well during cooking and makes for a great meat substitute. You can even "scallop" it or shred it for faux pulled pork.

Black Pearl.jpg


Flammulina velutipes

An umami bomb with pungent aroma. Often called Velvet Foot, these long stemmed mushrooms are in the same family as their white, grocery store counterparts. Great for ramen, stir-fry, hot pots, as well as omelets, rice dishes and curries. 

Edible Cap And Stem 

Velvet Pioppino

Cyclocybe aegerita

Also known as the Black Poplar Mushroom it boasts tender, asparagus like stems with velvety brown caps. Possessing a mild and woodsy flavor, this mushroom is ideal for pasta, risotto as well as red meat and game.  Pairs well with Thyme and Tarragon. 

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